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What were your best/worst subjects in school?

I always loved English and hated chemistry.

What is your favourite movie?

My favorite movie is House of Sand and Fog.

What would you change your name to?

I love my name and don’t want to change it.

What pet would you love to have?

I already have a very fat cat and a small Pomeranian dog,so it’s enough for me.

What’s your favourite holiday?

Of course my favorite holiday is my BDay,I love presents.

Who is your inspiration?

My inspiration is my mother!

If you were (of the opposite sex) what would your name have been?

I’m crazy about one male name.It’s Liam.

What other languages do you speak?

I speak English, Russian and Ukrainian.

What sports do you enjoy doing?

I go to the gym 3 times a week, it’s enough for me.

Where would you like to visit?

I love to travel and now I dream about to visit Bali.


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